• New Tile Wall
    March 12th, 2019

    Brother Hertzing and the Hall Association have finished the newest tile fundraiser wall. Click below for more information.

    New Tile Wall Update
  • 4th Annual Benjamin Franklin Excellence Awards
    May 10th, 2019

    Coachella Lodge just finished with the 4th Annual Benjamin Franklin Excellence Awards! Over forty recipients were honored during the event. Click below for more information.

    Fourth Annual Benjamin Franklin Awards
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Coachella Masonic Lodge Raising Future Leaders of Coachella

This is a great opportunity to raise funds for the lodge. Sign up for a shift to help out your lodge by selling fireworks to which we will get direct charitable proceeds. Shifts are available from June 28th to the weekend after July 4th. Biggest days help is needed are July 3rd - 4th. Please contact Ray Sherman rcsherman@aol.com or Larry Paxton lwpaxton@msn.com to sign up for a shift.

The fireworks booths are hot metal containers so we recommend you bring some shades, hat, sun screen, and some extra water. We hope to see you help out the lodge.