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Pay The Lodge Online

As of 2020, with the Grand Lodge implementing the new Imember, you can simply play your dues on your online account at  The Grand Lodge has provided online videos on how to do this.  Your online member "portal" also has your virtual Dues Receipt for download to your smart phone so you no longer need a printed Dues Receipt.

You can still Pay the lodge fees online via Paypal! You do not need a Paypal account to pay your membership dues and initiation fees online. If you do not have a Paypal account click "Checkout" and then "Pay with an Online Bank Account, Online Debit or Credit Card".

ATTENTION: Paypal takes a certain fee from every transaction. This fee has been added to our Lodge Dues & Initiation Fees online payment buttons as a donation. If you prefer to pay without this donation, please contact the lodge for more information. 

The dues button is for MEMBERS only. Please do not submit payments if you are not a member of Coachella Lodge. Please contact us for inquiries on how you can become a member.

If you have any questions please contact a lodge officer or email at

If you owe the Lodge for two or more years, you need to contact the Lodge Secretary or the Master.  PLEASE DO NOT USE THE ONLINE PAYMENT IF YOU OWE TWO OR MORE YEARS!


Lodge Dues


Breakdown of Lodge 2021 Dues  $160.20  -  Grand Lodge Per Capitas: $55.25  -  Paypal Fee: $4.95 
Amount that goes to the Lodge $100.00


Breakdown of Lodge 2020 Dues  $155.56  -  Grand Lodge Per Capitas: $50.75  -  Paypal Fee: $4.81 
Amount that goes to the Lodge $100.00

Initiation Fees

Breakdown of Initiation Fees  $355.61  -  Degree Fees: $300  -  Application Fee: $30  -  Background Check: $15 - Paypal Fee: $10.61
For new members, pay your initiation fees to Coachella Lodge online.
(Updated 12/2017)


Donate to the Lodge

Send a donation to the lodge online, use the button below.


Stated Meeting Dinner

Pay for your stated meeting dinner online using the button below.



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