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Coachella Lodge Tile Fundraiser

Coachella Lodge needs your help!

Our lodge building is in need of major repairs and improvements. Thanks to Brother David Hertzing we have started a Commemorative Tile Fundraiser. The deadline has been moved to next month and you can still buy a tile to help us repair and improve our lodge building!

tile fundraiser

Remember, funds raised after costs of the tile will go directly towards repairing Coachella Lodge.

Tiles are only $100 and you can personalize them with three lines of text (20 characters per line without clipart, 15 characters per line with clipart). They will be mounted to the wall within the main dining hallway.

We now have a Scottish Rite clipart available for our tiles. Please choose clipart #11 or ask for the Scottish Rite emblem.


Want to get started? Follow these steps...

1) Fill out Tile Order Form, you can download the PDF by clicking here.

2) Send in your payment. You may pay with a check made out to "Coachella Lodge #476" or pay online by using the Paypal button. NOTE paying online includes Paypal fee.


Contact Brother Dave Hertzing at for more information.